There is not a Pawnshop in South Texas that has a manager with more experience in the pawn business than our Manager. Scot has been in the pawn business as a manager for EZ Pawn, First Cash Pawn and Plus Pawn. He started in the pawn business in 1993and he has an intimate knowledge of the inter-workings of a corporate pawnshop, and a complete grasp of what it takes to bring one to its knees. He likes to remind people that, ”this ain’t no stinking corporate pawnshop.” He will do what is necessary to give you the best pawnshop experience available through customer service and to spend the extra time to do research on your items to determine a fair value. Our store is not run by mindless drones. It is run by mindless professional pawnbrokers who can make decisions and don’t have to call corporate office every time they want to write a loan.

Put Up or Shut-Up… well, that doesn’t seem like a very nice thing to say! We know when it comes to loaning money that the real kicker is the CASH! That’s why we are implementing a new program called Put Up or Shut-Up. Now let’s be honest, in the Pawn business we hear a lot of people say, “they will loan me more money on it down the street.” Frankly, much of the time people are lying to get us to pay more. It’s a hard fact to deal with, but it is the truth. In order to prove that we loan more, we are starting this program. Here is how it works:

*You come into The Tradin’ Post Pawn and Guns and let u evaluate the items you want to pawn.

* We make you a cash offer for a loan on your items.

*You take the offer and that is the end of it. We write you a loan! Quick, Simple and Easy!


* You take the same merchandise to the other pawnshop in Pleasanton and let them make you an offer.


*They offer you more money, take it! You’d be a fool not to…


*Simply bring the pawn ticket back to our store. We will go get the item, pay it out of pawn and bring it to our store. We will loan you the same amount. You can have all of your loans with us and still make sure you have the highest possible loan amount. We have had to PUT UP the money to cover it, we pay and you win. If we choose not to go get the loan we will pay you 20% of the difference in cash (up to $50.00). Again, you win and we PUT UP the money.


*If they offer you the same amount or less, you come back to The Tradin’ Post, we will belittle and berate you and you will have to SHUT-UP and let us write you a loan. You can then rest easy knowing that you got the most money for your pawn. (Don’t worry we won’t be too hard on ya!) It’s just our way of proving to you that we want your business and we are really trying to loan you as much as we can!!!!!