Gunsmith update: Our last post boasted of our plans to enlarge our gunsmithing facilities. Well, the dust has settled and the real work has begun! We now welcome Bob Orr formerly of a large gun store in San Antonio (which shall remain nameless). You may remember Bob as the former owner of Bob Orr Chevrolet or as Mayor of Jourdanton. He is also a proud veteran and ex-police officer. Bob takes our facilities abilities to the next level because not only are his knowledge base and skills superior, but he adds the ability to do hot bluing of different types and finishes. We have a specific area set aside specifically for this process which allows us an almost clean room environment for both finish removal and the application of new finish.

While we are not doing in house Cerakoting, we do have the ability to send it out for top notch Cerakote refinishes. You simply pick your color and we will take care of the rest!

cerakoted glockcerakoting


Barrel Threading
Absolutely! Yes, we can take care of all your gunsmithing needs. Come try us out, we think you wont be disapointed.

Gun transfers: It’s South Texas’ best kept secret… We are doing firearm transfers for $30.00 CASH. We always have. If we can’t sell you one of our extraordinary used firearms or find you a new gun, often with a lifetime warranty (try getting that at a big box store), then we are glad to transfer a firearm that you have purchased online for only $30.00 CASH. The point is we want all of your business, but we know we can’t carry all the guns people want. We will help you any way we can.

Class 3:

Our Pleasanton store is a class 3 firearms dealer. That means we deal in suppressors and other NFA items like SBR’s. For a limited time we will write a trust for you for only $50.00 when you buy an NFA item from us.