Merchandise Policies

The Tradin’ Post Pawn and Guns Merchandise Policies

General Merchandise Return Policy:

In order to avoid confusion and to be completely transparent in our business dealings, we now offer this return policy in writing. It is our goal to provide excellent customer service as well as confidence in the merchandise you are buying. This policy goes into effect 01/01/2016 and will remain in effect until further notice. We offer a 3 Day Money Back Guarantee on merchandise not excluded. The money will be returned in the same form as it was received i.e. cash, check, credit card. The date of purchase is the first day and the third day is two days after. Any day which occurs on a regularly scheduled closing will be counted as a full day. Merchandise must be undamaged and in its original condition. Any noticeable changes, missing pieces (including packaging) or damage voids this guarantee.

30 Day Store Credit: Any eligible merchandise which fails to continue to operate properly or in the condition in which The Tradin’ Post Pawn and Guns sold it, for a period of thirty days shall be replaced with like merchandise. In the event that like merchandise is not available from any of our stores, a store credit will be issued. Store credit cannot be used to make interest payments, extension payments, or to redeem pawned merchandise. The suitability of an exchange will be at the sole discretion of the Store Manager.

Requirements for return policy to be in effect:

1.) The sale or layaway receipt must have your name on it, as well as your current contact information.

2.) The person seeking to return or exchange must be the original purchaser (you must be the person listed on the receipt) and they must provide proper identification.

Exclusions to Return Policy:

1.) Cash only sales. A “cash only” sale is a sale in which an item is sold for cash and no receipt is given.

2.) Gas powered equipment sales.

3.) Digital media storage devices sales; i.e. DVDs, Blue-Rays, and Video games. This type of merchandise is available for exchange only, only when the merchandise does not work and only for three days.

4.) Jewelry. This policy does not cover jewelry. It does not however, change our guarantee that all jewelry is genuine gold, silver or other stated materials as represented on your receipt.

5.) Firearms. (See separate firearms policy)

Layaway Deposit Policy:

A layaway deposit can be refunded 100% for any reason during the first seven days. The first day is the day the deposit was placed, regardless of the time of day. The seventh day expires at the close of business six days later. Layaway deposits may be returned with a 20% restocking fee (20% of the deposit) after the first seven days, and during the first 30 days of the layaway. After 30 days no refunds of payments or deposits will be given, except in the event that a customer is denied on a federal background check and the layaway is for a firearm.

Firearms Policy:

All of our used firearms, unless otherwise stated in writing, come with a guarantee of full functionality. This means that they are guaranteed to function in the manner that they were originally manufactured. If they do not, we reserve the right to have them repaired or returned at the discretion of the Store Manager and Gunsmith. It is always our intent to make things right with you, though on occasion it may take multiple attempts to properly diagnose and repair a firearm. Many guns have manufacturer’s warranties which may still be active and all of our new guns have manufacturer’s warranties.

Hold Harmless Policy:

By buying a firearm from us, you agree to hold us harmless from any damages which may occur during or as a result of the use of a firearm purchased from us. Our liability is limited to refund or repair of such weapon.

By buying any other merchandise from us you agree to hold us harmless from any damages which may occur as a result of the use of such merchandise.