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License to Carry:

Since our opening we have been offering concealed handgun licenses and now licenses to carry. While we are sad that Bryan Meadows is no longer our primary instructor, we are happy to welcome his more than qualified father Bill Meadows to the team. Bill has been a CHL instructor from day one. He is one of Atascosa’s Constables as well as having been a member of the Rail Road Police and he has received immense training from a myriad of governmental agencies (you may be surprised). As law enforcement he offers a different perspective on the license to carry rules. He can provide you with relevant information on when, what, where and how to carry properly. He will share with you all pertinent laws and regulations that law enforcement is interested in. He will give accurate information on how to complete your application and tell you the correct places to get your fingerprints.

Our classes cost $100.00 per person or $175.00 per couple. Bill is also available for private classes.

Please check The Tradin’ Post calendar for our next scheduled class or call Bill Meadows at 830-570-4887

Warning: There are other places advertising LTC classes for $69.95. If you want to save $30.00 and take your class in a building that smells like dog poop and drive an hour and a half round trip to the range… go for it. Our classroom is actually a classroom with heating and air-conditioning. Our range is literally three minutes from the store. So if you have no sense of smell and all the time in the world, save yourself a couple of bucks, otherwise do yourself a favor and come see Bill.

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